The Future Continuous Tense

As we already know, the future tenses talk about anything which happens 'after now'

For the continuous form of the tense we are talking about something which is happening at a particular time in the future.

Structure: Will

Subject             + will/won't    + be          + present participle.

South Korea       will             be            hosting        The Winter Olympics in the future.

Question form:

Will South Korea be hosting The Winter Olympics in the future?

This tells us that 'something will be happening' in the future.

If you remember the Present Continuous Tense you can see that it talks about something which is happening: Now, or on an on-going basis (but not all the time).

For the future continuous we adjust the same structure and use it to talk about:

A known time in the future. (This time next week I will be lying on a beach in Mexico)

An unknown time in the future (I will be going to university after I have saved enough money)

Structure: Be Going To

Subject               + be going to     + present participle.

Positive statement:

South Korea is going to be hosting The Winter Olympics in the future.

Question form:

Is South Korea going to be hosting The Winter Olympics in the future?

Negative form:

Thailand is not going to be hosting The Winter Olympics in the future.

Watch the video (courtesy of to hear the usage in both forms.

Will is used more than 'be going to be' in the future continuous.

This tense is not used as much as other tenses in English, but be sure to learn it so you can talk about what "You will be doing" in the future.

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Future Continuous Tense
Future Continuous Tense

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