The verb ‘To Do’

The verb 'to do' is one of the most important verbs in English when asking questions. We use it for many things, but it has different things that is does.

  1. It is a main verb  (What do you DO?)  used to ask about someone's job.
  2. It is an auxiliary verb.  (What Does she like?)
  3. It is used for closed questions (Do you play sport?) Yes/No questions.
  4. It is used as a past participle (What have you done?) For the present perfect and passive.
  5. It is also used for continuous tenses (What is she doing?) Present continuous.

The main reason why students use this incorrectly is the structure.  The main reason is the other important verb 'to be' is often used.  These 2 verbs cannot be used together.

TO DO is used with a simple verb.  (Auxiliary verb DO in red. Main verb in Blue).

What does she eat?

Who do you work for?

When do you begin university?

Why do you come to class late everyday?

Which TV programs do you watch?

Where do you live?

Which type of books do you read?


We also use this when using the past simple.

Where did you go last night?

Why didn't you call me?

What did have for breakfast?

When did his flight leave?

This is only for questions. This is not used in positive sentences.


His flight does leave today = X incorrect.  We do not need to use 'does' in a positive sentence. (His flight leaves today)

She does live in Paris.  = X incorrect. (She lives in Paris)

She did go to France = X incorrect. (She went to France)

Please do the exercise to practice.

Exercises for the Verb To Do

Fill in the correct form of the verbs as in the examples:

  1. Mark and Dylan do volunteer work at the homeless shelter twice a week. (do)
  2. Sheila didn’t do the dishes last night. (not do)
  3. Does Gillian usually meet clients so late at night? (meet)
  1. ________ John often _____ together with his friends on the weekends? (get)
  2. Sivan ____________the post every day. (not collect)
  3. _______ the computer ____________ again yesterday? (break down)
  4. ____________ work __________ he _______ every month? (how much/do/do)
  5. _________ you ________ your laundry now? (do)
  6. In general, the dogs ____________ on the beds in his house. (not sleep) They _____ last night though. (do)
  7. How many copies of the document_______ you _________? (need)
  8. I ________ ever___________ the street on a red light! (not cross)
  9. ________ Adam always _________ the lights off when he leaves the office? (turn)
  10. _________ she ________ her homework yet? (do) It’s due tomorrow.


  1. Does/get
  2. doesn’t collect
  3. Did/break down
  4. How much/does/do
  5. Are/doing
  6. don’t sleep/did
  7. do/need
  8. don’t/cross
  9. Does/turn
  10. Hasn’t/done