End of Course

Congratulations! you have reached the end of the course.

We hope, by providing you with the course, we have contributed to your further understanding of the English grammar related to the IELTS test.

We must stress that this course was not intended to be a complete English Grammar course, but a tailored course to ease you into the next stage of your preparation.

The grammar that you have practiced will now go into full use in the 2 following courses.

The 10-Hour IELTS preparation course. For students at around 6.5 and need the intensive preparation over a shorter time.

The 20-Hour IELTS preparation course. For students who are hovering around the 6-6.5 or less, and need a more practice and more instruction.

You will find both courses beneficial and also very affordable.

Now you can take the final quiz to test your overall knowledge of the course.