Grammar Awareness course


Welcome to the course. It is divided into multiple sections. These deal with: tenses, prepositions, modals, quantifiers, plural and singular nouns, subject-verb agreement, countable and uncountable nouns and a whole lot more.  

Please also remember that the structures of Hangeul and English are different, and in order to effectively communicate in, and comprehend English do not try to translate. It can work in everyday conversation, but not for IELTS.


There are quizzes after each section for you to reinforce the things you are learning.


But!! The most important thing is to practice.  This course does not automatically mean that once you finish, you have all the grammar you need. You have the information but it is 100% your responsibility to practice, THIS, is what will improve your level and ability.

Thank you for your time and enjoy the course.


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This is the Grammar Awareness Course which is designed to prepare you use grammar in the IELTS test more effectively, and accurately. There are many sections dealing with the most common aspects which appear in the exam, and others which are essential to good writing and speaking.






Nouns & Pronouns


Parallel Structure

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